Buy Martinitsi, why not buy high quality Martenitsa hand made by a Bulgarian?

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Buy Martinitsi – Hand made.

It’s great to give your friends and family Martenitsa at the start of March. Even better, give them something hand made. They will love it. there are no two the same. I make them all by hand at home. Make your Martinitzi a personalised gift this year.

Click this link to my facebook page and you will see more photos and instructions on how to buy one.

Buy Martinitsi
Buy Martinitsi

Купи Мартеници Англия – Buy Martinitsi in Great Britain

When people are away from home, it’s difficult to get those little things like Martinitsi. I could not find what I wanted so I started to make my own Martinitzi. It was hard to get good quality materials. But over the years I have found nice glass beads and other things that give the look and feel of quality.

Ok, the Martenitsa you give will end up on a tree or under a rock. But it’s really all about the thought to me. people love to be given something hand made. It make them feel special.

Купи Мартеници Англия
Купи Мартеници Англия

For those who wonder what this is all about. Well a Martenitsa is something that is give to other people that you know at the start of March. it’s Baba Marta day.

There is a lot of history and information around this. It is on the UNESCO representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. So it must be good!

It’s usually like a bracelet that is worn on the wrist. It can be as simple as a two pieces of thread. One red and one white twisted together.  To a more elaborate bracelet. But the red and white theme is the most important part.

Buy Martinitsi
Buy Martinitsi

The person will wear this until they see the first stork or see a tree blossom.

I would really like you to see more of my Martinitsi. So click through to my facebook page to get all the latest styles and prices.

It’s easy to order, and I make and post them to you personally  🙂

Photos of hand made Baba Marta Martenitsa

Thanks for looking. Честита Баба Марта (Happy Baba Marta day)

Updated February 16th 2021