Canning chicken or pork using a water bath.
Canning chicken in Bulgaria video

This Canning chicken in Bulgaria video shows you how easy canning or bottling chicken is.

You just have to make sure everything is sterile before use. There are health and safety issues with canning chicken. For example many sources say that it can only be done in a pressure vessel to make sure that the canned meat reaches a certain temperature.

This is an important consideration when you are bottling meats. Canning chicken in Bulgaria is almost always done using the water bath method. There are a few reasons for this. The main one being that pressure caners are quite expensive to buy. this put them out of the reach of most normal people in Bulgaria. Pressure vessels are part of the process rendering the meat safe from bacteria and other nasty things.

This video shows you how to can chicken the Bulgarian way, from this video you will learn how we can chicken in Bulgaria. We try to be as self sufficient as possible in the way we live. It is not possible to be totally self sufficient in real terms, but making your own wine and brandy in Bulgaria is illegal, so we do it. Growing your own food for the table like free range chickens is legal, so we do it.

Back in the United Kingdom, it is illegal to kill your own chickens in the privacy of your own garden or allotment.  Making your own brandy would certainly leave you in prison! This is the difference between the two places Bulgarian smallholding for sale
You will see from the Canning chicken in Bulgaria video. We do it in a water bath, everybody we know here in Bulgaria bottles their chicken in the way, but you should satisfy yourself by reading the many publications that this is for you as it does carry health risks in certain circumstances.

The Canadian government is a very good source of information for home canning. You can find this information on the Internet quite easily. This video is just to show people how we do it. Please check out our website with other videos about being self sufficient. Canning chicken at home.