Gutter cleaning is so important. The rain that we have in Bulgaria is so heavy sometimes that if your gutters are not clean and free running. You risk a flood in your home.

How to keep gutters clean

The easy way to keep you gutters clean is to find a professional gutter cleaning service. This may be difficult in some areas, but if you can find a specialist, your job will be a lot easier.

If not, you will have to do it yourself. This means that you need to hire some professional gutter cleaning equipment from the local tool hire shop.

You need the best equipment for cleaning gutters that you can find. It’s a false economy to hire or buy cheap gutter suckers. They will take all day and will involve a lot more work on your part.

Gutter cleaning equipment

Gutter cleaning really is a skilled trade. especially with all the different types of guttering systems we have here. Your equipment needs to have a video camera mounted on top of the extraction pole. Without this camera, you really are working blind. Most hire places offer a system with the camera mounted on the pole to help you.

If you can’t find one, your are going to have to improvise with your phone on another stick. So you are going to need a mate to help!

The problem with doing cutter cleaning without the aid of a camera is that your only need a twig or something small left in there. And it can wash down and start to block up your down pipe. Clogging up the system that you were sure was free from debris.

This will soon run into a lot of money when it comes to fixing the water damage that is caused by blocked gutters. The process itself is pretty simple. You get your pole into the gutter with the bendy pipe and suck away.

it all gets collected into the gutter cleaning machine and then you can actually use it as compost. No waste and a good job done.

gutter cleaning Doncaster

gutter cleaning Doncaster