How to make Bulgarian goat cheese.

Bulgarian goat cheese is the traditional cheese of Bulgaria. In Greece they call it Feta, and in Bulgaria it called Sirene. Spelled in Bulgaria as Сиренеи. How to make Bulgarian goat cheese is the subject if this video.

So what is the difference? Well in Greece the word Feta is protected, and you may only call your goat cheese feta if it comes from Greece. From the next field, which is in Bulgaria, it is called Sirene!

Today a large percentage of Sirene, that is Bulgarian goat cheese. Is made from cows milk, but many thousands of Bulgarians still make and eat traditional Bulgarian goat cheese.

Home made goat cheese is a simple process as you will see in the video, and your don’t need any special equipment to do it. We are talking about Bulgarian goats cheese here, but this method is just the same for any soft cheese. We have made it from pasteurised mild from the shop when we could not get goat cheese.

It is quick and easy and you can make Sirene it from normal cows milk from the shop. You don’t need to keep a Bulgarian goat to get a feel for a bit of Bulgarian tradition!

Why not try it for yourself, be a little bit self sufficient. Moving to Bulgaria to be self sufficient is pretty easy, and chap if you follow our example. We can help you find a place yourself, and help you to get started in your new life.

Making goat cheese at home is just one of many things that you can do both in the UK and in Bulgaria. It beats watching the telly day in and day out. Give it a go every little bit goes towards self sufficiency, so what if you buy the milk from the supermarket. It saves you pasteurising it. Just doing something feels good has got to be good for you.

If you have enjoyed watching the video how to make goat cheese, and if you want any information about moving to Bulgaria and buying a smallholding or holiday home, email me at

Talk soon!

Just doing something feels good has got to be good for you.