How to make red wine, home made red wine in Bulgaria. This video will show you what to do with the fruit before making your Bulgarian wine.

Bulgarian small holding life is more than just a way of life, it is living. Making red wine and preserving your own food is not only a much healthier way to live, but it is good clean fun!

I have a small vineyard in Bulgaria, very small, but it makes be over 200 litres of red wine each year. Don’t think you can’t have a vineyard in the UK though. I started a vineyard on my allotment in Doncaster (is that cold enough for your)? It is doing fantastic now. It produces loads of wine each year.

Even if you have a garden you can have loads of Grapes. It takes no room if you run them up grape arbours. Cheap and easy.

So how much will it cost to plant enough grape vines to make wine? You can do it for free. Yes, for free. I will be doing another video soon on how to take free cuttings from vines. How to plant them and how easy it is to produce loads of free grapes for your wine.  It is a wee after all!

So come and have a look soon. We will be making all sorts of self sufficient goodies from wine and beer to Brandy to traditional Bulgarian bread.

If you are looking for a cheap small holding, smallholdings don’t come cheaper than in Bulgaria, an EU country with all the benefits a modern country can give, along with the chance to be your own boss and live as you want to without all the bureaucracy associated with other countries.

Drop me a line at and I will tell you everything you need to know.


Talk soon, Paul.