How to pasteurise milk at home

If you intend to use raw milk (milk that has not be pasteurised) to make home made cheese, you will need to pasteurise milk at home.

This process is very important, but also very easy.

The watch the video for step by step instruction on how to pasteurise milk at home. We are making Bulgarian goats cheese with the milk in the video, but it applies at cows milk, sheep’s milk as well as goats milk.

In the video the temperature goes a little high. We have not found this to be a problem, however, you should definitely keep the temperature of the milk to below 77 degrees. If not, it will probably not set. You will end up with a very sloppy ricotta type product.

Making cheese is just one of things that we enjoy about living in Bulgaria. It is still very easy to get fresh milk from the local people to make traditional Bulgarian cheese from.

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