Lutenitsa is a Bulgarian preserve made from Tomatoes, peppers and aubergine. There are many recipes to make Lutenitsa in Bulgaria. Watch this video to see how we make Lutenitsa.

This is just one of the traditional recipes from Bulgaria if you want to see more videos of traditional Bulgarian food come back and check from time to time.

Or if you have a suggestion or want to see something specific other than Lutenitza, leave a post and we will try to get a video made for you.

Summertime is fantastic in Bulgaria. here in the sunny south east of Bulgaria we have long hot summers and we can grow almost anything here. We grow basic stuff in the summer and make Lutenitsa and other preserves for the winter.

We tend to grow lots of tomatoes, bell peppers aubergines and cucumbers. You will see everybody’s gardens, back and front full of these crops in Bulgaria. It is grown to be preserved for the winter.

Fresh tomato sauce from your own jars are fantastic in the winter. The smell of the freshly toasted red peppers fills the room when you open your jar on a winters day, yummy!

In this video we show you how we make Lutenitza, there are lots of ways, sometimes we add garlic! Have a go, it is nothing you can’t do in your garden in England or anywhere else!

Tomatoes and peppers are easy to grow anywhere. grow some and make some Lutenitza for yourself, go on, treat yourself.